The Environment

JBA has a history of making environmental concerns a priority in all that we do. We conduct our business with sustainability at the forefront of our dealings and the ethos behind our company creates a unique desire amongst our staff to actually practise what we preach. We all play our part in conserving energy, avoiding the use of paper, commuting on public transport or in car share schemes, and preferring the use of video-conferencing to travel when it comes to meetings.

Long before eco-friendliness was promoted in the workplace, you could walk into any of our office kitchens and see eco-friendly cleaning products. We have always been that way because it's part of our nature to care about the environment.

In 2007 we planted a wood of mixed native broadleaf trees to offset our carbon footprint at a site not far from our head office in Skipton. The land, which is now known as Catgill Wood, was granted to us for this purpose by the owners of the Broughton Hall estate, where our head office is also situated.

Every year we try to improve our environmental achievements. Check out the latest report.

JBA's Sustainability and Environmental Management Policy