The JBA Group is a family of environmental, engineering and risk management companies committed to exceptional service and helping clients and communities build resilience to flood and environmental risk in a changing climate. We’re at the forefront of flood science and technology and committed to providing our clients with expert insight to help build long-term resilience.

We started business in 1995 with the intention of creating a specialist consultancy with an inter-disciplinary approach to our offering. In November 2011 JBA restructured to form a new group of companies, the JBA Group. The separate companies allow us to focus keenly on our specialist skills and expertise. Today, the JBA family includes:

  • JBA Consulting, the original consulting business.
  • JBA Risk Management, the global leader in flood risk science. A team of expert scientists, hydrologists, mathematicians and engineers, using pioneering science to stay at the forefront of flood modelling innovation.
  • The JBA Trust, a registered charity lying outwith the JBA Group, specifically created to further research and education in our areas of business.

We always aim to exceed expectations so please explore our new websites to find about our specialist services and research opportunities.  You can do this by clicking on any of the logos to the right.